Project: Vocal Comping

Vocal Comping

I know I’m behind the times and still using version 9, but I still get a great kick out of weaving together a good vocal comp.

Recently I’ve been doing some vocal track recordings. All the musicians are in another town, but the vocalist is here. So, she’s been coming in and doing some of the vocal tracks. Getting back into more of the music side of multimedia production has been a joy for me!

Some things which have changed since I first started in recording 15 years ago:

  • Running a mix to DropBox and being able to listen to it in virtually any environment – we used to be amazed at being able to burn to a CD recorder and listen in the car!
  • The pitch correction software has gotten pretty spectacular. I use Melodyne by Celemony. Just the light version… but still amazing.
  • The ability to collaborate with musicians all over the world. I know that sounds like so 2005 and people have been doing it but I was not doing it… so… it is amazing to me.

Something else that amazes me? How stinking small audio files are compared to video files! I’ve returned from video shoots with 250 GB or more. A whole audio project and 15 GB, with all revisions maintained for archiving? Gosh… sign me up!

Anyway, the screen shot above is from one of the vocal sessions I recorded a couple of weeks ago. The girl can sing better than that but time was short for her and she’s tired of working on this project so, compromisio! I really like how easy it is to cut a comp track in Logic. Maybe it’s that easy in other software, too. I haven’t found it to be simple in Audition – but that software seems more suited to broadcast and audio for video situations, or at least that’s how I use it most.

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