Project: Live to Multi-track, Rig Setup

I’m actually traveling right now for this project. A couple of weeks ago I began compiling the rig I was going to use to record a live-to-multitrack audio project. When doing the vocal recordings, I tested what became my final rig.

Ta da…

The rack and the laptop in my studio for testing.

The rack and the laptop in my studio for testing.

So, this set up will give me 18 microphone preamp inputs plus 8 analogue line inputs. Hopefully that will be enough for a 4-man band. I will find out tomorrow night when I can start setting up.

Here’s a closer look.

Live to Multitrack Rig, Closer Look

A closer look at the live rig which includes 2 motu units and a focusrite preamp. The top is a passive mic splitter from ART.

From top to bottom:

ART Passive 2-way mic splitter
– This will allow me as much autonomy from the live sound system. I took a peek at the room tonight (it’s set up for another group) and there was a nice ground loop hum… yippee!

MOTU 828 MkII – this was a hand-me-down from a friend’s studio. Since I already had the 8Pre, it was nice to be able to firewire chain together and need no extra drivers. This box gives me the 2 mic pre inputs plus 8 analogue ins. But it ALSO gives me way more routing options for alternate mixes to headphones, etc. Major plus.

MOTU 8Pre – 8 mic preamps with a firewire connection. Pretty straightforward and has been the center of my studio for the past 4 years or so (after migrating away from ProTools).

Focusrite Octopre – 8 mic preamps, focusrite style. Using ADAT optical to connect to the 828. I could connect it to the 8Pre too… or I could purchase another one and easily add another 8 mic inputs. This is the newest bit of kit I have. Looking forward to it using it.

Most likely tracking in Logic Pro 9.

One more note:

I think I will have more than 8 channels of audio that need to be split away from the live setup. So, I made 5 passive Y-cable splitters. I know they’re not the awesomest, but I made them. However, I don’t anticipate needing to use more than 1 or 2 because I think I will be mic’ing for the recording more than what they will use for the house mix.

Will update more about microphones and developments as they go during this project!

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