14 September 2010, Tuesday

Customers line up to purchase the fatty, sugary goodness of this new treat called Krispy Kreme. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

A young girl surveys her choices for the Krispy Kreme her father is about to purchase for her. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

9 September 2010, Thursday

It's the second day of the post-Ramadan holiday and loads of people are out and about in public squares.(Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

Scores of people flock to public places enjoying the second day of the post-Ramadan holiday or Eid. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

8 September 2010, Wednesday

The shoe repairman downstairs from my apartment has these shoe-stretcher things. I didn't know so many people needed to have their shoes stretched. They are kind of comical to me and I sort of chuckle almost every time I see them. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

The streetlight provides a nice backlight for this couple walking down the main street in my neighborhood. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

7 September 2010, Tuesday

The Perfect Ramadan Combination

Near sunset again on one of these last nights of Ramadan and tempers flare but the sun reflecting off the mall lets us know that it's almost over for today. (Nokia 3600)

An important constitutional referendum awaits a vote by the people and banners are flying everywhere
declaring that “YES” [or "NO" depending on your preference] is the most logical, responsible, and overall
best choice for thinking people. (Nokia 3600)

6 September 2010, Monday

It's hard to describe the difference between traffic at any other time of the year and traffic near sunset during the month of Ramadan in this city of at least 13 million people. Tempers are shorter than normal, horns blare, lights flash, drivers zoom this way and that. The city is on edge until its corporate hunger is satisfied with the meal of Iftar. It's hard to demonstrate that in a photo. (Panisonic Lumix DMC FX-580)

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5 September 2010, Sunday

…these are actually from the weekend surrounding 8 August 2010.  Finally getting around to editing some of the photos from Wendi’s wedding weekend extravaganza.  Here are some choice ones so far… [click on one photo to open the lightbox, might be easier to view that way]

Wendi kept her dress hanging in her doorway for weeks to avoid wrinkles. She doesn't seem to mind walking around it too much since there's only two more days till the wedding. (5d mkii, 28-70 f/2.8)

Poor Darcey is taking a break from all the people for some "alone time" under the table. (5d mkii, 28-70 f/2.8)

Deborah had recently finished the alterations on JoLayne's (foreground) bridesmaid dress. JoLayne served as Maid of Honor in the 8 August 2010 ceremony in Nyack, New York. (5d, 24 f/1.4)

The wedding rehearsal was held in the Fee's driveway in Maspeth, New York and followed by a bbq for all out-of-town guests. Craig Fee oversaw the rehearsal and officiated the wedding. (5d mkii, 70-200 f/2.8)

Luke watches joyfully as his bride, Wendi, walks down the aisle in their 8 August 2010 ceremony.

4 September 2010, Saturday

Today I went out with a friend to photograph for a local contest. The subject is “Children in our neighborhood during Ramadan.”  It was kind of hard to find all three things coming together to say “oh, that’s definitely children in that neighborhood during Ramadan.”  So, throwing that idea to the side, it was nice to shoot with an idea in mind and having lots of children around made it even more fun.  You can view the full gallery of shots here.