Experience: Training Video Storytellers

I’m currently preparing for a trip to Thailand in late March to be a part of a training team for new video storytellers from across different parts of Asia.

Last year’s training was a blast! I was lead on the video training and we lead the students through a 4-day film school. Everything from the tech of their cameras to the concept of story.

The team I worked most closely with was the beginners. They really seemed to get the most out of it. We worked on a script and a storyboard and shot list during the first two days.

Students' Shot List

A photo of the shot list created by our students.

Story Board Drawings

The students’ story board drawings.

These two documents really helped the students to focus during the shooting and it encouraged them so much to see their ideas go from abstract to concrete reality.

The crew was very eager to learn. We used their cameras and helped them to learn easy tricks for lighting and shading.

I’m helping with the lighting during one of the final shots of the afternoon (orange shirt on the ground).

Looking forward to more this year!