year-end blog review

…or should I say, year-end show you everything I haven’t uploaded in 2012. I have been quite negligent of my blog this year and I’m sorry for that.

The first half of the year was filled with lots of travel and major life changes. The apartment I rent was sold out from under me and this news I received after having been gone for almost 39 straight days (with only a few days to rest and wash laundry in between 4 major trips). I moved and then immediately was gone again for another trip. This one a major one for work that required a lot of prep and a lot of post.

So, thus ensues the year-end blog update. I will schedule out the posts to come once per day for about the next 30 days. All posts will be updated by the date the photograph was taken. New photographs taken in the coming month will be added to the queue and, hopefully, 2013 will be a more vigorous year for photoblogging.

happy advent.