Project: Audio Stories

Recently, big hopes for a video story-telling project fell through. I was left with a deadline and nothing with which to meet it.

After consulting with a friend and the client, an idea came about to turn the video interviews into narrative audio stories, a la NPR.

The first go at it was… disappointing at best. I just wasn’t catching the story arch, the audio wasn’t adding anything to the copy. It was just a mess.

So after a small break from it, I came back in and was able to refocus. Completely deleted the other drafts out of my mind and started pouring over the script transcriptions looking for each individual’s story. It was amazing how the little break helped me to have clarity. I wrote a draft and a friend helped me edit it. The first story came off without much of a hitch. I did some audio narration work and spliced in segments of the audio from the original interviews.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed those stories here due to privacy with the client.

The final product was 4 audio stories and the :60 Promo Video.

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